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What Would Jesus Want for Christmas?

Hello, hope all is going well. I hope you all are surviving the dreadful madness which we call the Holiday Shopping Season(used to be Christmas Shopping Season, but since we live in a politically correct time period this is what I will refer to the period as, sorry for any inconveniences. Thank you!) I am surviving without being trampled on because I am buying everything at the local Meijer store during the not so busy hours of the day. Already, I have bought most of my gifts and they all together should retail under $75 which is pretty darn good. Other than that, I am eagerly awaiting the return of my brother from Germany, and waiting for the madness to end, and hopefully get a phone call soon about working for the local newspaper in my area. Other than that, everything is fine.
A question, if this holiday that we call Christmas is really about Christ's birthday, then why is it we hear no one in particularly in the Christian community ever talk about what would Jesus want for Christmas (WWJWC), nice acronym, hey; since Christians talk about WWJD (I do not have to write it out do I. I always wonder that is it possible that he would not wanted anything at all because he was a extremely benevolent man, or a perfect man to believers that was so modest that he would'nt want anything. If Jesus were alive, I would probably go to Home Depot and rob it and get whatever he needs since he is a carpenter, and has the power to create anything. Then I expect him to go inside and not only create replacements of the stolen items but just by his presence alone will enable the store staff whom many of them probably admirers/believers will allow him to get away with it since he is God and can send all of them to Hell if he wants to. However he may condemn my actions but hey he allegedly is God after all, so you can rob for God, or even kill for God which the people of the Book have been doing for thousands of years.
That reminds me the "Age of Reason" by Thomas Paine gave me a whole new outlook on the Bible in particularly the Old Testament which is not written by people other than those who purported to have written them but they written years after, for example the Book of Samuel continues after the death of Samuel, and Samuel wrote it, kinda silly huh. Any how back to my initial statement, the Old Testament according to Paine is nothing but violence-blood and gore in all, now the New Testament is'nt so violent because Jesus seemed to be an awfully nice fellow to get along with. It's a shame that the Romans and the Sadducees had to kill him because he was not only a nice guy but happened to be a good teacher of men. However they thought he was a nut-case and he probably was for that time like Socrates was for his time or Joan of Arc for her time, and Martin L. King Jr. for his time. It is of my strongest opinion, nut-cases move and drive the engine of history for us all, they are our leaders and visionaries.In the end, Paine concludes that the Bible is no more than an anthology of violent hear-say, not revelation which many are led to believe since the beginings of the Bible around the time of the 4th Century AD . Personally, I take Paine's view.
It appears that I have ran out of time, I shall talk to you all later. Love you all! Ciao!
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